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Digi RPM
: Recruitment Process Management, an online product automates the recruitment process by extending the general functionality of a Candidate Tracking System. Digi RPM will cater to the need of small firms as well as large enterprises. This public cloud based multi-tenant enterprise solution is available as a SaaS offering with rich customization options to suite our customers' needs. User-generated content such as categorized objective type questions meant for pre-screening is an illustration of the power of collaboration exhibited by this multi-tenant product. However customers may also opt for an in-premise installation license. Customers utilizing in-premise deployment will be devoid of utilizing user-generated content.
Digi RPM has a work flow based implementation. Job applicants, placement agencies, co-ordinators, hiring managers, interview panel and background verification agents participate in the work flow. Various hooks available in the work flow can be used to provide a seamless integration with any existing enterprise solution in place. Automated checks for redundant profile and eligibility criteria are provided. Dash board feature provides an overall progress and high lights events that need to be given priority. Automated intimations and alerts (SMS and eMail) can be sent to the participants in the work flow. For instance on an ad-hoc basis, placement agencies may assist in co-ordination in response to an alert generated for a delayed event. Hiring manager may define weighted categories of skill sets against an open position. Candidate selection is simplified by taking advantage of centralized information contributed by the interview panel. Back ground check process can be integrated into the recruitment process provided the customer's preferred vendors get on board with our SaaS offering. Job fair module will address the requirement of university hiring. Every organization (placement agency, HR team and back ground verifier) will have an admin module meant for user management.

Digi LegalMate :  This product is already built in its simplest form which renders online search capability across legislation and citation containing documents. Legal documents which are not hosted for free on the internet (in other words which can not be crawled by LegalMate) need to be scanned and loaded into a repository which requires manual effort. Two key features originally envisioned for the product - (a) given a search criteria interpreting the actual problem domain and ranking search results accordingly (b) to identify contradictory pleadings posted by a party across all documents on file - are yet to be implemented. LegalMate will have market viability once the data repository is built and at least one of the key features listed above is implemented. We are seeking funding to take this product out of its dormant state. If you are interested in using this product please revisit this section after some time.