Digi Dham is a start up based out of Bangalore, India. It is founded with the vision to empower medium and small scaled businesses by offering them with Software as a Service (SaaS) based products and related BPO services. Our intention is not to provide an alternative to existing enterprise solutions rather to augment them by providing features that are missing which are needed for the Indian market. Our work flow based customizable products will seamlessly integrate with our customers existing solutions by matching with their application theme. For these reasons even large enterprises have a reason to utilize our offerings.

Digi Dham is the confluence of the words Digital and Dhama (abode of the All Mighty in Sanskrit) which can be interpreted as a place for one to seek Digital Nirvana.

Our flag ship Digi RPM product automates the recruitment process. Job applicants, placement agencies, co-ordinators, hiring managers, interview panel and background verification agents participate in Digi RPM's work flow. We also provide educational service and IT strategy to our customers on a limited basis.

If you are a potential customer, an investor or a potential sales partner then you may refer to the respective sections for further information. For general queries you may write to info@digidham.com or visit the Contact Us page.