Investment Opportunities :

: As of now we have two independent product lines in incubation, namely Digi RPM and Digi LegalMate. Our current and future product lines shall operate under independent business units once they make a market penetration and shall be hosted under a separate sub-domain of These independent business units may also offer BPO service which would revolve around related product line. All our product initiatives will have a common theme of SaaS based offering on the net and hence capable of co-existence. We are not floating segregated start ups or product domains on the net in order to build a cohesive brand of products and also to foster cross selling between those products. Hence each funding we seek will be dedicated to the incubation of a particular product line and the equity offered in return shall be limited to a stake in the related business unit. Such a model will also give flexibility for investors to do independent feasibility study of our product lines.

Digi RPM : We are on course to build Digi RPM online product offering. Hence at this time we are not entertaining Seed or Angel funding. Once Digi RPM is production ready we intend to raise Series A fund (Growth fund) to accelerate our growth through marketing initiatives and also to manage the operations with growth in mind. Any investors interested in getting associated with us during Series A round may contact us at the earliest. Discussions initiated now can be finalized when we get to the stage of seeking Series A round. Finalizing the discussion on Growth fund post Digi RPM production and initial sales effort would help all parties understand its market viability.

Digi LegalMate : This product is already built in its simplest form which renders online search capability across legislation and citation containing documents. We are seeking angel fund to build the search data repository and also to implement two major features originally envisioned that are yet to be implemented.  Interested investors may contact us by writing to

Sales Partnership

We are looking forward to collaborate with well connected individuals and organizations to promote our brand, product and BPO service. If you are interested you may contact us by writing to