About Us

Digi Dham is a start up based out of Bangalore meant to serve the booming Indian market. It is founded with the vision to empower medium and small scaled business initiatives that have formed the growth story of India in recent time by providing these SMBs with enterprise grade software and related BPO services. Our general theme is to build cloud based online products rendered to our customers in the form of "software as a service" (SaaS) coupled with metered billing. This will help our SMB customers to avoid software implementation time and also to reduce related cost. The products are built atop free and open source platform. Customers may opt to use our products as an in-premise installation even though we don't recommend the same.

While all of the product features need not be disruptive in nature, at the least they will not be repetitive, rather our product features will employ meaningful repackaging of existing business functionality and technology design standards. As an example user-generated content specific to our product areas will carry lot of value back to our customers.

We will put our best effort to stay away from product features that are already existent in the market. The intention is not to provide an alternative to existing enterprise solutions rather to augment them by providing features that are missing which are needed for the Indian market. We will be providing software integration hooks so that our products can work along with existing enterprise solutions. These work flow centric online products will be highly configurable which gives an opportunity for our customers to carry out code-free customization to suite their needs. Online products in their end state will entertain seamless integration with existing corporate applications by matching their theme and also by supporting single sign on. For these reasons our offerings should capture the eyes of large enterprises as well.

To augment our product offerings we do provide limited BPO service. Again even with our BPO offerings, we try to be innovative than being repetitive because our main intention is to fill in the gap for the betterment of the Indian business community and also to be the entity responsible for any sensible transformation.

The word Dhama in Sanskrit means abode in general but usually it refers to the greatest abode of the All Mighty as in Paran Dhama. The word Nirvana or Moksha in Sanskrit stands for the liberation from the suffering of going through endless cycles of rebirth and the onus of maintaining a physical existence by convergence of the soul at Paran Dhama to gain eternal peace. Digi Dham is the confluence of the words Digital and Dhama, which can be interpreted as a place for one to seek Digital Nirvana. This interpretation does extend to the nature of our offering in that our customers are liberated from the suffering of going through endless cycles of software release and the onus of maintaining their physical on-premise infrastructure by migrating to Digi Dham's cloud based environment. And the cloud environment stands for infinity (at least in theory) just as does the All Mighty.